Darlington Park – Cooper City Florida Market Updates

So another few months have come and gone and lets get to the market updates in your community located at Darlington Park Townhomes.  So far in the last 12 months 2 properties have sold and one of them was a 4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom that sold for $260,000.00 and another one was a 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom that sold for $225,000.00.

This community consist of only 64 total units so recent sales and active listings are far and few in between and when available they generally sell quickly if the property is priced correctly.  Active units at this time there are 3 active listings priced between $289,900.00 & $369,900.00 , yes I said $369,900.00, now while I think the highest priced one is priced to high in this current market with the most recent highest sale of only $260,000.00 outside market conditions in nearby communities could help prices increase overall but not sure how much more than $300,000.00 you can expect to sell a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom unit for at this time.

For similar style properties located in Cooper City like Cascada Isles in Monterra the highest sales price for a large 3/3 model with 2 car garage sold for $360,000.00 in August of 2014.  Lets keep in mind Monterra is much newer, offers more amenities than Darlington Park and will demand higher prices overall than nearby communities .

Darlington Park Market Values

Current market values for the Darlington Park community should be $250,000.00 – $285,000.00 for the 3 Bedroom 2 bathroom model and $275,000.00 – $310,000.00 for the 4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom model at this time. I know some homeowners will say this is not correct but we and appraisers must go by current market conditions in the area.

Prices per square foot for Darlington Park based on recent sales are between $117.00 – $138.00 dollar per square foot where as the nearby community at Monterra are between $171.00 – $205.00 per square foot on average.

If you have any questions about buying, selling or leasing your property in Darlington Park feel free to contact me anytime. I am available 7 days a week.