Purchase A Condo With Only 3% Down Payment

Buying A Condo With Only 3% Down Payment Just Got Easier 

Thank you for visiting my site through facebook, my name is David Rogers and I am the Broker / Owner of Rogers Realty Group LLC here in Davie, FL and I will guide you through buying your very own condo with only 3% down payment in less than 45 days in most cases.  I have sat down with a handful of local lenders who are no making it easier for buyers like yourself to purchase a condo in South Florida starting with only a 3% Down Payment .

How Do You Get Started In Your Search

First thing you need to do is contact me to schedule a meeting so we can sit down and discuss which communities and cities you are interested in Buying a condo in South Florida. Next will need to work directly with one of my selected Mortgage Lenders who are all local who will need to gather information from you including, recent pay stubs, tax returns and a few other items.

Once my lender has giving myself the green light that the borrower which would be you that you are all approved we start the search for your next home. Now once we have determined how much you can afford in a mortgage payment we start the search for your next property.

How Many Condo Communities Are Available For 3% Down Payment?

Currently as of October 28th, 2017 there are close to 50 communities that I can show to you in different cities, the list keeps growing as my lender updates me on new condos that meet all the requirements for the 3% down payment program. I expect over the next few months this list will double due to my determination to find more lenders willing to help buyers with more options in our South Florida Market.

Recently Another Real Estate Agent Told Me No Way To 3% Payment

Then it’s time for you to work with a true professional and give me a call immediately so we can get you into a new property as soon as possible.

I Have More Than 3% Down Payment Available Is This Ok?

Yes, if you have more than 3% down payment available even better because sometimes it opens doors to more communities that will be available for you to purchase.