Real Estate Market Updates 2019

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my website , I am going to give you a little insight of the real estate market here in South Florida for the 1st quarter of 2019.


Single Family homes sales totals for Broward County from January 1st 2019 – March 31st, 2019 was a total of 3154 Single Family homes sold on the MLS,  Townhomes / villas for the same time frame had a total sales volume of 806 units sold in Broward County and the condo market had a total of 2718 total condo sales in Broward County Florida so far for 2019.

Compared to the same period in last year 2018 had more sales in single family homes by 517 more homes sold last year, the townhome / villas market had 147 more sales last year compared to 2019 so far and the condo market totals were …… 3270 total and 552 more sales last year for condos in Broward County Florida.

It is still early in 2019 to know what to expect but based on the government agreeing to keep interest rates where they are for the remaining of the year I and the rest of the Real Estate professionals expect 2019 to be a strong year for all Real Estate in South Florida in general.

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