I got accepted to Nova Southeastern University, Now What?

Many students year after year start searching for properties both to buy and rent while attending the Nova Southeastern University college campus located in Davie, FL.  Depending on when your program starts will determine when you should start searching for a place to call home for the next 3-4 years.

Renting vs Buying Near NSU


If you are thinking of renting a condo, home or townhome then generally you would start searching max 45-60 days before your program starts. Anything earlier then this time frame is a waste of time since any properties you view will not be available when you are ready to move into them. If your program starts lets say May 18th, 2015 then you would want to start searching around April 1st, 2015 for upcoming rentals near the NSU Campus.  Check out my Upcoming Rentals Near Nova to view private listings that I get from private landlords.

Most private Landlords / Owners will not keep their condos or properties empty for more than 2-3 weeks during the busy season which starts in April for the 100’s of new graduate students looking in the immediate area around Nova Southeastern University.

Rental prices in and around Nova Southeastern University college campus vary but generally you can expect to pay between $1050.00 – $1200.00 for a 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom condo, for a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo you can expect somewhere between $1300.00 – $1500.00 and for a 3 bedroom condo anywhere between $1500.00 – $1800.00 depending on the location and upgrades the unit might have.


Buying a condo near Nova Southeastern University makes better financial sense for those who can afford a property. Some of the benefits of buying a condo, townhome or small single family home is that you don’t have to worry about the landlord asking you to move out in the middle of finals or exams. Owning allows you the luxury of making the place your own with your choice of paint colors, upgrades including new appliances, extra built shelving in the closets where most owners will not allow alterations or repairs that are to your taste. Condos for sale near Nova Southeastern University sell quickly so be ready to sign on the dotted line right away.  Available Condos & Townhomes For Sale Near NSU

Buying a property can happen quickly or take a few months to find the best fit for your taste. Generally when buying a condo near the campus you will need to pay all cash since lenders are not funding on condos as easy as once before. Buying a home or townhome near NSU is much easier since they are a Fee Simple community and lending guidelines are much more relaxed.

Prices for buying in the area range from $100,000.00 – $130,000.00 for a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom condo , 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condos range from $135,000.00 – $170,000.00 and 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms will cost between $165,000.00 – to $180,000.00 as of December 2014.

When Do Properties Become Available?

Most rental properties come available once the current renters move out and sometimes during the last 30 days of their lease contract. But generally most properties for sale and for rent come available between April & July year after year. Now while we do get new properties during the rest of the 12 months everything is like clock work around the college campus due to start & end dates with the university.

If you have any questions about Buying or Renting you have found the right place. Send me an email or give me a call anytime and I will be happy to walk you through the process and tips to make it a smooth ride.



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